Simple no-tricks pricing

Simplified Systems has a simple monthly subscription price that never goes up as long as you remain a client.

It's per firm with no limits. So no matter how big your team grows or how many clients you sign up, you'll never pay more.

Fixed lifetime price

Your subscription will be fixed for as long as you remain a Bananabrains client.

Even better, right now there's an offer that gets you not only everything added to the system in the future, but all the optional add-on modules as well — with a massive early access discount.

This offer is by invitation only, so contact me to sign up before the 31st of March 2023 to get this offer.

What’s included

  • All core practice management features
  • The marketing add-on module
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited clients

Early access



per month

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Prices exclude VAT (Bananabrains Ltd is not currently VAT-registered)

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