fruitful minds

Finding the right technology

A tradesman wouldn't bring a hammer to do every job. Well, some might, but they wouldn't get much repeat business. Our approach is to understand the problem first, then apply our experience of software architecture to suggest a sensible and cost-effective solution. This way, the tail does not wag the dog.

Our specialities

We primarily develop web applications. Web application technology has evolved over the years from pretty basic CRUD (create/read/update/delete) database-driven applications to reactive interactive applications nowadays. Having developed in the original ASP (Microsoft's Active Server Pages), built Java servlets and JSPs (Java Server Pages), created Java Spring and Spring Webflow applications we have a breadth of experience to draw on.

Today, there are so many competing frameworks that it could be difficult to know where to start. We assessed the market leaders in the SPA (single page application) space, React (the one Facebook use and contribute to), Vue (created by a former Google developer) and Angular (initiated and now heavily backed by Google). There are benefits for all, but - in our opinion - for serious applications, Angular is the enterprise grade framework.

So we use Angular as the front-end JavaScript framework. Part of the process in choosing a JavaScript framework was to look at how easily it adapts to being a PWA (Progressive Web App).