fruitful minds

What we can do for you: save your business time and money

We will take the time to understand your business requirements first, and then give you advice on how to apply the most appropriate technology in the most appropriate area of the business in order to save time and money. If we see different options, we will present those to you along with our advice about what would give the most benefit. We will implement the solution you choose if it fits within our skill set. If it doesn't, we'll direct you to the best person we know who can do it. We'll do things in the right order so you get the most benefit from the simplest thing first, and then build on that if you want to go further.

This combination of understanding business and technology means we develop functional yet elegant computer software applications which do the right things to save you time and money most effectively.

A lot of technology companies go wrong by putting the technology first. We will put the solution to the business problem first, with cost or time savings in mind. That said, we still have to decide what to use. Read more about our technology.

The sort of systems we develop

The many benefits of web applications (write and deploy once, latest version always available, etc.) are often counteracted by unavailability due to poor internet connection or security issues. Our experiences have led us to developing PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). Without making a decision before understanding the problem, it is fairly safe to say that foremost in our recommendations would be to develop an Angular front end for the user interface, and have that interacting with a back end (probably written in PHP) on a web server. However, this is far from set in stone and the most appropriate environment might utilise some other technology or framework.

The next thing to say is that computer systems rarely add that much value in isolation, so integration with existing, or newly-adopted, systems is a must. We have particular experience integrating business applications with Sage 50 Accounts in this area, but we will look into any required integration.

The last thing to say is that we are very flexible and can look at any requirement. We're open to any freelance development as needed - just get in touch to discuss your needs with us, and we'll give you our recommendation.